Your Face Seems Familiar

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Over the last few years (mainly since having kids), I’ve actually realised the significance of having a good facial skincare routine and I suppose being from a beauty background I find it impossible to ignore what’s going on with my face! However, I do know it can be hard to keep up with a routine everyday especially when there are little people in the picture, but taking care of your skin really does have long term benefits (it also slows down the ageing process!). There are ways to fit in a quick morning or night time routine into your busy schedule but we’ll leave that for another post. One thing is for sure though, that if you know what type of skin you have, then you will know what products work best for you – it’ll save you a whole heap of time (and money!).

In this post I’ll focus on the characteristics of different skin types and how you can work out which one you fit into. Before you begin working out your skin type though sit in front of a mirror (not a magnifying one), make sure your face is clean and hair is tied back.

Start by analysing different areas of your face and look for the following:

FOREHEAD – Open pores, Papules (red spots), Expression lines, Dry/patchy/dehydrated skin.

EYE AREA – Expression lines, Dryness, Milia (little white spots mainly in the under eye area), Oiliness on the eyelids.

NOSE AREA – Blackheads/Blocked pores, Open pores, Dryness/Oiliness.

CHEEKS & SIDES OF FACE – Broken capillaries, Tight/Open pores, Dry patches, Redness.

CHIN – Pustules (small puss filled spots), Blocked pores/Blackheads, Oiliness,

Okay, now that you know what you have and don’t have on your face, let’s get on to figuring out where you fit in ..

OILY SKIN Characteristics: Clogged pores & Blackheads, pores tend to be open, tends to be a lot more sebum (oiliness) on the surface of the skin making it shinier, if not cleansed properly then you may have little pustules (puss filled spots) hanging around. Oily skin is also more prone to acne. The best types of cleansers to use when dealing with oily skin are either a foaming cleanser or a cleansing soap.

DRY SKIN Characteristics: Smaller refined pores, skin will feel tight and coarse; your skin will also be more easily irritated and could even be sensitive because the top layer of skin is more likely to be thinner. You may also find that flaky dead skin doesn’t seem to go away easily. The best types of cleanser to use when dealing with dry skin is a cream or oil based cleanser.

MATURE SKIN Skin begins to slowly mature after the age of 25. Characteristics: Reduced muscle tone so expression lines are more visible, tends to be more dryness in the skin, the top layer of skin is noticeably thinner and you may even feel like your complexion is duller. The best type of cleanser to use for mature skin is also a cream or oil based cleanser as this helps to restore moisture and plump it up.

NORMAL SKIN It’s basically where your skin has no issues and you have no concerns and the world envies you.

COMBINATION SKIN Characteristics: It’s a mix of dry, oily and normal. Your T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) will probably be oily and the cheeks are more likely to be on the dry side. It can be hard to take care of but not impossible. There is no set type of cleanser for combination skin, it’s really what you feel works best for you because combination skin is different on everyone.

Whatever your skin type is though, it is super important to cleanse, tone and moisturise everyday to help your skin to renew itself and keep it looking great.

I know it’s been a long read but I hope it’s been helpful. I just think it’s so important to be able to figure these things out for yourself at times because as women our skin goes through so much and it’s good to know as much as we can about ourselves so we can take care of ourselves properly. Also, I know I haven’t recommended any specific products or anything but I will have product reviews and recommendations up on here soon so keep your eyes peeled.

If you do have any questions or anything, feel free to drop me a line 🙂


Keep smiling! x


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