Nappy Nonsense

Two babies later, I’m probably responsible for contributing 857362541337496967457 dirty nappies to the rubbish tips that damage our beautiful planet and I am really sorry about this, but a mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do.

I wish I had the patience and dedication to use cloth nappies but I really don’t.

Anyways, I’m doing this post because I want to bang on about how much I love Boots nappies. (& no this isn’t sponsored, just my genuine love for raving about a quality bargain!)


FullSizeRender (2)


I’ve used loads of nappies that I’ve been disappointed with over the past 3 years, especially with my first (she’s now (almost) potty trained!). I had to deal with all sorts of yucky leaks and back poo’s and then my sister-in-law was like have you tried the Boots brand nappies? So I decided to give them a go, I didn’t really have much to lose and they’re such a good price and nearly always on offer (What better excuse to get Boots points?!) so I thought why not? I bought a pack and never turned back! They’re available at any Boots store or online. My 3 year old’s now using the Easy Up pants and they’re great for potty training (super easy for me to change as well!) because they are easy for her to pull down if she needs to go for a wee when we’re out (I do still put them on because I can’t be dealing with 2 kids and a wee wee mess outside, but she doesn’t like to go in her nappy anymore so we take a trip to the loos anyway). I’d also like to add that they’re much better than any other brand of pull-ups I’ve tried. So yeah, I love these.

My little 6 month old uses the Super Dry Active Stretch in size 4 and they’re literally the best I’ve used (yes, I did try to experiment again and a breastfed baby with runny yellow poo’s makes a hell of a mess with a dodgy quality diaper!). I used these with my eldest too when she was little. We rarely have any leaks and I haven’t had to deal with a back poo in about 2 months! (yay for me!) The nappies are really absorbent too so they last all night and Little One doesn’t wake up if her nappy’s full so I’m guessing they keep her feeling dry too. They aren’t really that bulky either.

I’m really glad these nappies are in my life because not having a poo covered baby to clean up everyday just makes things a lot easier.

This post makes me feel like I should do another one about our potty training journey ..



Until next time,

Take care!


Taslima x

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