Potty Training – My Way

So at the end of my previous post, I mentioned that I felt like I should do a potty training post. It’s just because I’ve felt really emotional about potty training my daughter, I don’t really know why, but I wondered if anyone else felt like this with their first child?

I don’t feel emotional about her using the toilet (LOL it makes my life easier so no this thought gives me incredible joy), but I felt emotional about the process because I was scared of how I was going to teach this little human being how to understand what their body is telling them and what they need to do about it. I’d read endless internet info pages on people claiming they could get you to potty train your child in THREE days or even TWO like wth!?! (These were ‘potty training programmes’ that you had to pay to download or get in the mail. Ha and HA, I am NOT falling for B.S like that.) How are you going to teach a tiny human being that has literally only been around this world for 3 or so years about an incredibly important bodily function and how to deal with it in THREE days? It just wasn’t going to happen.

Anyways, I began thinking about potty training Little E at the beginning of this year just before she turned 3 because she was showing signs of knowing when she’s peeing in her nappy etc. But I was pregnant at the time and didn’t want the changes of baby arriving to affect anything and also I’d read in my trusty SuperNanny book that you should not try potty training during a big life changes. So I waited. I decided to try going for it in May, but on day 2 I sliced the side of my thumb off (my flesh has grown back now don’t worry) with my new (RUBBISH) vegetable slicer and I couldn’t use my right hand properly so I just thought forget it for a while because I can’t be dealing with the accidents and extra laundry and floor cleaning.

I decided to fully go for it at the beginning of August because I just felt like she’s properly ready now and I’m feeling confident about supporting her too. I bought her a cute sticker chart from WHSmith for encouragement (a sticker for every time we do something in the toilet and a reward at the end of the week) and some new funky underpants – we were ready!




You’ve probably noticed that I didn’t mention anything about a potty, that’s because we went straight for the toilet! Little E was just so interested in how the toilet worked and she wasn’t afraid of sitting on it or anything so I just placed a stool in front for her to get up and sit down comfortably and that was it. I let her go nappy free and explained what we do if we feel like wee wee’s coming, she seemed to understand so I left it at that. I obviously asked her every 5 minutes if she needs the toilet and even made her sit on the toilet every hour just in case, but despite a few accidents at the beginning, we got there! She’s very confident without her nappy now (apart from during the night when I use the Boots Easy On Pants mentioned in my previous post) and can run to the toilet when she needs to go (we’ve conquered doing a number 2 in the loo as well!), wipe herself and wash her hands. I’m so glad I waited though, because I think she just wasn’t ready before when I thought she was.

The moral of my story is basically, do what you feel is right when it comes to teaching your child something new. There are a billion different know-it-all’s on the internet that claim all sorts of things will work for you just so they can earn a bit of money on the side for their “advice”. Potty training doesn’t have to be complicated and it definitely doesn’t need to be rushed and accomplished in “3 days”. Honestly speaking, I was really nervous about going through it with Little E because it’s something I have never done before, so I had to build up my own confidence in order to support my baby in learning how to do something new confidently. It’s taken about 2 and a half weeks for us to get to where we are and I’m sure it’ll take longer for us to conquer nappy-less night times too but it’s okay because she’s only little, right?



Taslima x

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