‘Highlight’ Of My Life

I just wanted to share with you my most beloved item of make up.

It literally took my breath away the first time I used it (6 years ago!), I still love it to this day and have never even attempted to replace it. This product I speak so highly of, is none other than (drum roll please) the iconic YSL Touche Éclat Illuminating Pen.

I believe this little beauty has obtained cult status since it was originally launched in 1992. It contains tiny light reflective particles which banish signs of fatigue and fade out imperfections.


The first time I used this magical little pen, I was so surprised at the difference it made to my complexion. I looked so much more awake, brighter and felt more beautiful. I fell in love with it, because all it does is enhance the natural beauty that is already there and doesn’t create a mask. It has a light-medium coverage and can be used on bare skin or over foundation. (It is important to remember that this pen is not primarily a concealer, it is used for brightening the complexion.)

I’ve always loved using this around my eyes to make my eye area look brighter, even more so now that I have two children and barely get a good nights sleep! I also love to use it on the sides of my lips and my cupids bow to make my lips look fuller. (The picture below that I ‘borrowed’ from Google might help show you where it’s best applied.)


(Where to apply YSL Touche Éclat Highlighting Pen)

I personally, have always gone for shade 1 Luminous Radiance. I find it is the perfect brightening shade with a pink undertone which really helps to disguise dark circles and illuminate my under eye area. It does come in 10 different shades though so it isn’t hard at all to find your perfect match.

Shade 1 Luminous Radiance

I decided to do this post because I love this product SO much and probably would hyperventilate and pass out if it ever got discontinued. Also, just because I feel like so many new ‘highlighting’ and ‘illuminating’ products are flooding the market now and the classic icons (the ones that changed the world of make up and are truly worth the money) are fading into the background! I really just wanted to give my little pen the attention it deserved. If you haven’t tried this bad boy yet, I promise you, you really are missing out!

What’s your ‘cannot live without’ item of make-up?


That’s all from me for now.

Take care,

Love, Taslima x

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