October Favourites

Hello to all!

I can’t believe it’s November already! October for me, was quite a ‘quiet’ month. I didn’t really get up to much, I just enjoyed being at home and spending time with my little family. Now that I’m all renewed and rested, I’m ready for winter and all the festivity that comes along with it to bring this year to a happy end.

Anyways, I’ve put together a few of my most used products from the past month for this post to share with you all. There’s not much to share, as I didn’t do much and spent most of my time at home, but here is what I have been loving.




  • Soap & Glory Righteous Butter – I’m sure everyone knows all about this AMAZING body butter (and the fact that it smells SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL). My love story with this began many years ago, but lately, as the colder months have slowly crept upon us, I’ve been finding that my skin is just dry and kind of ‘ergh’. So, I’ve been using my body butter a lot more over the past month and I must admit, every time I use it, it feels like such a treat!
  • Soap & Glory ‘Heel Genius’ Foot Cream – Another one from the Soap & Glory family, this foot cream is the best foot cream in the world in my opinion, it’s just some sort of a magic formula to make your feet so incredibly soft! My feet get a bit dry and ugly when it gets colder as well and this has kept them decent and feminine. If you haven’t tried this, you really need to!
  • Clinique ‘all about eyes’ Eye Cream – This came in my Estee Lauder beauty box in October (full size!). I wasn’t too sure about it, as I haven’t really used an eye cream before, but I have incorporated it into my skincare routine and used it every day and I love how it makes me eyes feel! It’s so light and makes me feel awake and bright-eyed. It also helps my make-up stay on better around my eye area too. Definitely a winner for me.
  • NYX soft matte lip cream in ‘London’ – I love NYX lip creams, they’re smooth and don’t make my lips dry and chapped like some other matte lip colours do. The shade I’ve been loving in particular recently is ‘London’. I’ve just been using it a lot more than usual.

That is the end of my favourites for the past month! Hope you enjoyed reading and let me know if you’ve used any of the products and how you feel about them!


Take care,


Love, Taslima x

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