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Skincare Sunday: Clogged Pores

Hello! I’m back as promised, with another ‘Skincare Sunday’ post!

This week I am going to focus on pores. Clogged, problematic ones. I used to have a really hard time dealing with blackheads, acne and oily skin as a teenager and it used to make me so self-conscious about my face. It took me a good few years and a fair amount of research to figure out how to keep blocked pores and blackheads to a minimum and I’m going to be sharing some tips and tricks on how to keep your pores clean and minimized here in this post, so keep reading!

Pores are tiny openings on the skin through which sebum (oil) from the sebaceous glands comes up on to the surface of the skin. It comes up via hair follicles which grow from the opening itself. These openings extend from the epidermis (top layer of skin) downwards through several layers below the skin’s surface and can get clogged due to excess production of sebum or dead/dry skin cells. Pores can also get clogged with normal every day dirt and pollution.

The most common reasons for clogged pores are:

  • Excess oil
  • Dead and dry skin cells
  • Improper cleansing of the face
  • Excess sweat
  • Dirty working/living environments
  • Bacteria
  • Hormones
  • Make up
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Certain skincare products

We can get clogged pores at any stage in life regardless of age or skin type (even though you are more likely to get clogged pores if you have oily or oily/combination skin). It’s just one of those things unfortunately. It’s incredibly important to make sure we have a good daily cleansing routine and exfoliate atleast once a week to prevent build up of dirt and dead skin cells on our face as clogged pores can lead to horrible breakouts and acne.

Tips on how to prevent clogged pores and how to keep your pores clear and minimized:

  1. Cleanse! (Twice a day, everyday!)
  2. Use a toner after cleansing/exfoliating to remove final traces of dirt and makeup. This also helps to shrink pores and prevent dirt from entering again after you’ve cleansed.
  3. Ensure that all the products you use are suited to your skin type. A good tip is to check if the product says ‘non-comedogenic‘ on the back as this means it is formulated to not cause blocked pores.
  4. Exfoliate at least once a week (twice is best) to remove any build up of dead skin cells.
  5. Use a clay mask once a week. Clay masks draw out any impurities from the skin which includes any dirt that has built up in your pores.
  6. If you suffer from quite a lot of blackheads, invest in a monthly deep cleansing facial. The Therapist will be able to use steam and extract the blackheads. They will also be able to assess your skin type and advise you on how to treat them effectively yourself.
  7. Remove your make up EVERY night before going sleep! Skin needs time to breathe and renew itself while you sleep.
  8. Try to avoid using a lot of ‘pore strips’ as these strip the skin of it’s natural oils, irritate the skin and also result in faster build-up of dead skin cells which then result in bigger, even more clogged pores!
  9. Rinse your face with cool water after coming out of a hot shower (and after cleansing with warm water) as this helps to close up the pores and prevent them from being exposed to dirt and bacteria.
  10. Drink plenty of water and keep your skin hydrated! Also, eating food with a high water content such as cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon and blueberries keep you hydrated from the inside and help your body retain the water for longer. Keeping hydrated = healthy clear skin!

It’s also important to keep yourself happy and positive as stress can result in excess oil production in the skin. It sounds so cliché but beautiful skin really does start from within.

I hope this has been a helpful read! I’d love to know your thoughts, get in touch! Also, come and say hello over on Instagram.


Take care,


Love Taslima x





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