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How I Spend My ‘Me Time’

It feels like forever since I last posted!

I’ve been so incredibly ‘occupied’ by the winter bug that seems to not want to leave my household! My children have been poorly the past week and I’ve not been too well myself either. The snow and cold weather has also had me not wanting to do anything except curl up in a ball under a blanket with my hot water bottle. It’s safe to admit that apart from taking little Eiliyah to nursery, I really haven’t been up to much recently!

Apart from being unwell whilst having to nurse my babies back to health AND get on with everything else – as mum’s always do, I’ve just not felt rested enough and that has made me feel less at peace with myself (if that makes sense?) and I just feel miserable I guess. So, I’ve decided to share with you some things that I like to do to unwind and get myself back on track – to make me feel like myself again and not just a busy (moody) mum!




Hot Chocolate! I love a mug of hot chocolate! With or without whipped cream (I’m not one to complain but whipped cream always makes me happier). It’s like a big hug in a mug and never fails to make me feel better! There’s nothing like a nice hot drink to make you feel relaxed and renewed.

Candles. Now, I’m not that much of a candle lover, but from time to time, I do like to dim the lights, light a few candles and just cosy up to enjoy the peace and quiet (obviously when the little ones are asleep!).

Reading Material. I have forever loved to read. I read anything and everything – but when I’m feeling low, I enjoy reading something that encourages me to continue being a dreamer. My favourite book is ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, if you haven’t read it already you are really missing out! Sometimes though, flicking through an issue of Vogue works too.

Face Masks! My ultimate go-to product to lift my spirits. I love giving my face a good cleanse and then putting on a face mask and lying back for 10-15 minutes just to forget all the chaos and drama. It really helps to calm my mind (and of course make my skin look better!)

Getting Organised. I know it doesn’t sound relaxing, but knowing I’ve got my sh*t together makes it easier for me to relax! Sometimes (mostly on a Sunday evening) I like to get my planner out and reflect on the past week and set myself little goals for the next. It helps to make me feel motivated and it also means that I’m prepared for whatever the world decides to throw at me.

Hot Water Bottle. When I don’t have anymore energy left in me, I just like to fill up my hot water bottle and go to bed. I might sound like a complete nut-job but I love my hot water bottle (well, the cover really, the actual bottle’s been replaced a couple of times) because it makes me feel cosy and loved. My husband got it for me as a little winter gift when I was pregnant with my first baby and we hadn’t fully decorated our new flat yet so it was pretty cold. – It’s just super special to me and sometimes a warm, fuzzy feeling and a good sleep just does the trick!

That’s it really! It sounds so simple, but with two small children time alone is NEVER simple! Haha, ah well, they’ll grow up soon and I’ll moan about it and miss it all so I better stop complaining. Right?

What’s your favourite thing to do when you need a little ‘pick-me-up’?


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and I’ll hopefully be back again with another one soon.


Take care!

Love, Taslima x

8 thoughts on “How I Spend My ‘Me Time’

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