Dermalogica Review

Over the last week or so, I have been trying out a few products from Dermalogica. One of which is their new Daily Superfoliant powder exfoliant.


I was so thrilled to be sent these products complimentary from Influenster UK. I have not personally tried any Dermalogica products before but have heard so many great things about the brand, so naturally I was super excited to try the products out for myself.

The star of the show was the Daily Superfoliant. This is a powder exfoliant that is activated once it comes into contact with water and releases powerful enzymes and alpha hydroxy acids as well as an anti-pollution technology. My initial thoughts on this product were that it was going to be way too harsh for my skin! It comes across as quite a powerful exfoliant despite being for daily use. Anyways, after giving it a go, I was pleasantly surprised! I was actually excited about it because of the results after just one use and I was also shocked at how gentle it was! My skin felt (and looked) so much more smooth and refined. The benefits of the Daily Superfoliant are that it resurfaces and deep cleanses, absorbs environmental pollutants and helps to detoxify pores. It also helps to fight pollution triggers that lead to premature skin aging.

Over the past five days I have been carrying out a little night time routine using these Dermalogica products to see if they really do make a difference to my complexion. Keep reading for the steps I followed and how the rest of the products work!

Precleanse Balm Step 1 was the precleanse balm which comes with a little rubber mitt. This was actually my favourite product! It is a balm-to-oil product and completely melts away all dirt and make-up (including heavy eye make up!). I applied it all over my face and then worked it in using the mitt (this is like a mini facial in itself!) and then rinsed it off using warm water. It turns into a milky texture after coming in contact with water and gets rid of impurities pretty effortlessly. It locks in hydration, helps to nourish the skin and doesn’t clog pores! – it’s perfect for normal to dry skin.


Special Cleansing Gel Step 2 was the cleansing gel. This is used to complete the Dermalogica double cleanse. It is a foaming gel cleanser which removes all impurities without stripping or drying – leaving the skin feeling super clean and completely refreshed! It also contains calming agents to soothe and purify. I really enjoyed using this as part of the ‘double cleanse’ but I don’t think it would be as great on it’s own.

Daily Superfoliant The exfoliant was step 3. As I mentioned before, this is a powder exfoliant so it needs to be combined with water in order to activate. All you do is wet your hands, dispense a small amount onto your palm and rub your hands together. You then massage it gently all over the face avoiding the eye area and paying close attention to the forehead, cheeks and jaw area. Finally, just rinse off thoroughly with warm water and your left with gorgeously smooth skin! This product is suited to the majority of skin types but not if you’re super sensitive or using any medically prescribed exfoliants. It comes with quite an informative step-by-step leaflet which shows you how to use the product according to Dermalogica’s famous skin mapping guidelines.


After cleansing and exfoliating, I did use my own toner just to bring everything back into balance and prepare for moisturizing.

Skin Smoothing Cream This was the final step of this routine. This moisturizer isn’t too heavy and is perfect for balancing out combination/dry skin (which I have!) I wasn’t too keen on the texture as it felt a bit ‘sticky’ after first applying but the feeling soon disappeared as it absorbed into my skin. It contains Lecithin for deep moisturizing, nourishing Aloe Gel and extracts of Mallow, Cucumber and Arnica to soothe and hydrate. Since using it, I have certainly noticed that my skin feels a lot more supple and I have fewer dry patches.

So that is all! It all looks a bit complicated but it only takes about 10 minutes tops! I personally chose to carry out the whole cleansing routine before bed as I felt like it was quite intense and my face would definitely need some time to balance and adjust to the exfoliant. Also, as the exfoliant contains alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) it is extremely important to use an SPF before heading outside as the AHAs make skin more susceptible to sun damage. I just felt more at ease using it before bed so that I wasn’t too exposed and my skin had some time to renew.

All Dermalogica products can be purchased direct from their website.

I was really pleased about receiving this generous box of goodies from Influenster UK and I feel like I have definitely come across some amazing products which I probably may not have discovered if left to my own devices! However, I feel like I do have to mention that, despite these products being free and for review purposes, my opinions are genuine and I would never lie about products on my blog or social media.

This post is rather lengthy so I’ll end it here. Let me know if you’ve tried anything from Dermalogica – I’m genuinely interested in knowing what other products are worth giving a go!

Take care,

Love Taslima x

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