The Mummy Club


If you’re a sucker for a subscription box, then please keep reading!

So, about a month ago, I discovered @clubmummy on Instagram and instantly fell in love with the idea behind it. The Mummy Club is a monthly (UK based) subscription box packed with such thoughtful things for mums and mums-to-be. It isn’t your standard subscription box filled with samples and vouchers, this is a box that really makes you feel loved in a way I suppose? It can also be purchased as a gift for a deserving mama so no subscription necessary!

Anyways, I got in touch with Christie (the wonderful woman behind all this) and she was kind enough to send me my very own January box! I was so excited to receive it and I also feel that it came at the perfect time. I’ve been really quite miserable this month (January blues, anyone?) and this box has been the perfect ‘pick-me-up’.

I mentioned earlier that this box makes you feel ‘loved’ and that was because of how much thought has gone into the idea behind it. I exchanged a few messages with Christie and asked her if she could tell me the story behind The Mummy Club and here it is:

“My name is Christie and I’m a mum of two girls. I have suffered with both post-natal depression and anxiety and realised how nice it would have been to receive something that reminded me that I wasn’t as lonely as I felt, as well as stories from other mums who just ‘get it’ along with a few items that are guaranteed to put a smile on my face and help me take a little time out for myself. The Mummy Club boxes are different every month and are personally packed by hand with items that are carefully selected to make you smile. The boxes also contain a book bringing you tales of honest parenting.”

I love the thought behind this box as I know from personal experience that having a baby can actually be a very isolating experience sometimes and it just helps so much knowing that you really are not alone on this journey.

Let me tell you what came in my January box ..


The Sketchy Muma This is the funniest book I’ve seen in a while! Well, it’s only really funny (hilarious actually) if you’ve experienced having a baby and can relate to literally every page in the book! It is just a genuine true illustration about becoming a mum. All the ups, downs and in-betweens – I truly love how this took me back to when I had my babies and being a new mum! I’m actually going to cherish this book for years.

Spacemask These were all the rage last year and I didn’t even get to try one! (My fault for not buying one but y’know) I was so excited about this because A) My eyes just never get to rest and B) I’m just really curious as to why it’s called a Space Mask!? Well, after using it I realised that it was because it has the ability to literally knock you out! It heats up once you put it on and creates the most relaxing sensation around your eyes for about 15 minutes – it put me to sleep! -Need I say more? (P.S. There’s a FREE Spacemask with every February box too)

Albus & Flora Lip Balm This amazing little lip balm is deeply nourishing, highly anti-oxidant, vitamin and omega rich AND has broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection with SPF 30. It went straight in my handbag because that’s how much I need it right now! (Curse you, cold weather!)

Optiat Scrubs A little range of four naturally scented, sustainable coffee scrubs. These body scrubs are amazing! The coffee grounds act as a natural exfoliator whilst the caffeine stimulates blood flow.

Quirky card & Print Inside the box, there was also a cute little card and a print by another fellow mum at Me, Myself & Ernest.

There you have it. The contents of the January Mummy Club box. I thought that it was such a great little selection of (some rather practical) things to receive and it really did put a smile on my face.

Like Christie said, The Mummy Club boxes change from month to month and are available to buy as a rolling subscription or as a gift. I would also like to add that £1 from every box sale goes to the PANDAS Foundation supporting parents with pre and post natal mental illness (find out  more). So, if you know a new mum, an expecting mum, or just a mum that needs to be reminded that she’s amazing, then this is the perfect gift, take my word for it!

If you want a little preview of the February box – click here ..AND I can’t believe I forgot to mention that if you don’t want the full box, you can opt for a mini version!

Give @ClubMummy a follow over on Instagram to show your support.

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Even though the product(s) mentioned were sent to me complimentary, this genuinely is a heartfelt post.

Love Taslima x

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