LipSense Review

Hello Beauties!

I’m here with another review, and this time its all about the lips!

I was very lucky to receive my very own LipSense starter kit from the wonderful Meg at Loveyourlips_uk (find her on Instagram here) and I am going to tell you all about it so keep reading!

LipSense is a lip colour that lasts up to 18 hours, is waterproof, smudge proof and kiss proof. It is also wax free, lead free, gluten free, cruelty free AND vegan!

So, in the starter kit, I got a Long Lasting Liquid lip colour (I chose the colour ‘Bella’), Moisturizing Gloss and an Ooops! Remover.


The Long Lasting Liquid Lip Colour in the shade ‘Bella’ This is a beautiful rosy/pink/mauve colour and for me its like a ‘my-lips-but-better’ shade. The product itself is very lightweight and it actually quite easy and straight forward to apply. The first step is applying 2/3 layers of lip colour on clean lips (let layers dry in between applications) to get desired look. It does tingle a bit at first but only if you have dry lips, and it isn’t that bad so nothing to fuss about really. Also, if you do make a little mess then it super easy to swipe clean with the remover (I wish all liquid lipsticks came with such a handy remover!).


The Moisturizing Lip Gloss One thing I definitely loved about LipSense is that it took me out my Matte obsession and took me back to my days of glossy lips! (Which is certainly making a comeback!!) You apply the gloss over the lip colour to finish it off and this gloss is soo lovely! It is very moisturizing and includes Shea butter and vitamin E to keep the lips soft and supple. It’s also comfortable to wear and not sticky either.

Ooops! Remover A remover for long lasting liquid lipstick?! A definite God-send in my books! When I first came across LipSense I was really afraid of how difficult it would be to take off! (I have this fear with many liquid lipsticks!) I hate having to scrub my lips to get rid of lipstick and I hate it when lip colours stain! So when I used this remover to take my lippy off I was so PLEASANTLY surprised! All I had to do was apply it over my lipstick, leave it on for a few seconds and then wipe over it with a cotton pad (repeat once more to finally clear off any last bits of colour) I’ve even used it with a few other liquid lipsticks, it makes life so much easier.


It sounds a teeny bit complicated but trust me when I say it is so easy to apply and lasts for hours. I managed to eat a whole burger without losing any of my lipstick so that really is saying something! (About the lipstick, not my diet!)

Also the only thing that bugged me a bit was not being able to use a lip liner BEFORE the product as the lipstick is designed to be used on clean, bare lips. What I did do though, was just define my cupids bow and bottom lip slightly with a liner in a similar colour AFTER completing the lipstick and gloss application. For me, I NEED lip liner to make me feel like I’ve got my sh*t together but the applicator is pretty good for accurate application so you should be good to go without a liner.

If you want your own LipSense kit then you can purchase from Meg. Get in touch with her through her ‘Loveyourlips UK’ Instagram or Facebook pages. She knows her products inside out and will answer any questions you have. She’s also super friendly so you really have nothing to worry about when ordering!

LipSense has 50 different colours to choose from so you’ll definitely find something to fall in love with and there are frequent limited edition colours too. The colours are all available to view on the above links and Meg also models a range of colours beautifully on her Instagram page too! (She has lips to die for!)


I really hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you’ve tried LipSense before or if you are planning on giving it a go, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

(The product(s) in this post were sent to me for review, the opinions are all my own.)

Love, Taslima x

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