The Best Moisturiser Ever!?

Hello lovelies!

I’m using this post to dust the cobwebs off my blog.. I haven’t been on here for a while and it’s purely because I have way too much going on in real life!! Anyway, I want to talk a bit (well, a lot actually) about my favourite moisturiser of ALL TIME.

It’s Astral. I’m sure everyone’s heard of Astral!? The iconic blue, incredibly AMAZING pot of wondrously rich and creamy (cheap as chips) multitasking moisturiser. I’ve used a hell of a lot of different lotions and potions over the years but one product that I have ALWAYS had on my beauty table is the Original Astral. It’s maybe the only product (apart from Vaseline) that has been in my life ever since I can remember!




Astral has been around for almost 70 years and the formula has probably been the same ever since. The greatest thing about this moisturiser is that you can use it all over your body including your face and it does the same great job all over! I even use this on my little girls’ dry skin and it does a better job than a lot of other moisturisers on the market.

The key ingredients in Astral are:

  • Glycerine –  holds onto moisture and deeply hydrates the top layer of the skin. Is also a great anti-ageing ingredient as it stabilises collagen and accelerates the healing process. It also absorbs it’s own weight in water over the period of a few days which makes it ideal for dry skin.
  • Lanolin – naturally derived waterproof wax that locks moisture into skin. It is a perfect ingredient for conditioning and protecting the skin. It creates a protective film over the skin, allowing it to function and breathe naturally.

I’ve listed a few things that I love using Astral for:

  • Prepping & Priming – I love using Astral before make-up. It prevents all of the flaking and melting throughout the day as it creates the perfect base for foundation. After my cleansing, exfoliating and toning, I like to apply Astral all over my face and neck and let it absorb for 10-15 minutes before carrying on with my make-up. It makes all the difference and enables such smooth make-up application!
  • Removing make-up – As well as using it before make-up I also like to use it to remove heavy eye makeup/mascara as it works great as a cleansing cream too – and obviously doesn’t dry the skin out! All eye make up glides off so effortlessly with a cotton pad.
  • All over moisturising! – The thing I love most about Astral is that it is the ULTIMATE lazy girl product. I use this on my face and can shamelessly say  that I use it on my feet (as well as the rest of my body) too! It’s the perfect product for when you’re short of time and just as perfect for when you want to pamper your skin! I mentioned before I also use it on my kids as it’s so gentle and effective.

I also believe that they have a new Cocoa Butter version out now, but I am yet to try that so watch this space!

Have any of you ever tried or currently use Astral?

Astral is available is almost all drugstores (Boots, Superdrugs, Pharmacies, Sainsburys – you name it!) and you can probably get a little pot for about £1 so like, why not give it a go?

This isn’t an ad or sponsored post, I just wanted to share my favourite beauty product of all time with you all. I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Love, Taslima



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