Morning Skincare Routine


I thought I’d do a quick post about my current morning skincare routine. Only because I’ve recently discovered some wonderful new drugstore products that have actually turned out to be super effective in terms of keeping my skin looking and feeling amazing!

I like to keep my morning routine as SIMPLE as possible. Reason being, I just do not have the time to faff around in the bathroom anymore. I have around 7-10 minutes (if I’m lucky) to get my skincare done so I try to fit everything in within this time frame.


Okay, so here goes:

  1. Origins ‘A Perfect World’ Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea – This is quite possibly the best face wash I have ever EVER used. I lather up the tiniest amount (a little goes a really long way with this) in my hands and massage over my face and rinse off with warm water. One cleanse is enough for the mornings. However, in the evenings, If I’ve got any make-up or anything to remove I sometimes have to repeat. But if you are short for time or are looking for a way to speed up your cleansing routine then this is definitely the way forward.
  2. Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator – I exfoliate every couple of days. I feel like if I exfoliate everyday, my skin gets really angry and I end up with a load of unnecessary breakouts and sensitive skin. Anyways, this is my absolute favourite exfoliator. It’s perfect for removing dead skin, is natural, not drying and very gentle. I prefer to exfoliate in the mornings rather than evenings because I feel like it preps my skin better for make-up application. However, If I use exfoliators that include AHA’s or any other acids then I prefer doing this in the evenings.
  3. Garnier SkinActive Refreshing botanical toner (Normal to Combination skin) – This toner is a new discovery. I picked it up in Superdrugs a few weeks ago and so far I am very pleased with the results. I use a toner twice a day, everyday. After cleansing. I like using toner with a dampened cotton wool pad instead of a dry one as I feel it slides over the skin a lot better, doesn’t drag and is more hydrating.
  4. Origins GinZing Brightening eye cream – After toning, I wait a minute for my skin to settle and then moisturise my eye area first using a brightening eye cream for the day time.
  5. Garnier SkinActive Hydrate+Nourish botanical day cream – Finally, I moisturise all over my face using this day cream which I also discovered in Superdrugs. I love this moisturiser as it is super rich (I love a rich moisturiser) and keeps my skin hydrated all day. It also creates a really nice base for make-up as it combats any dry patches and pesky flaky bits. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and can say that my skin feels a lot more even in terms of texture and looks a lot brighter and healthier too.

And that is all! I do like to chop and change parts of my skin care as I am always looking for things that are quicker to use and save me time, but work just as well as the more ‘time consuming’ products (does that make sense?).

Also, I am in desperate search of the perfect SPF – preferably SPF30 or SPF50 – so if anyone has any recommendations, send them my way!

Just before I end this post, I do need to mention that all my skincare goes down my neck too. Please don’t forget about your neck! Everything that you do to your face, just take it down a bit and do to your neck as well because as we age, it shows more on our neck and decolletage.

I hope you enjoyed this post and everyone’s having a great start to summer!

Oh and don’t forget to come over and say hello over on Instagram!

Lots of love,

Taslima x

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