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My Hair Care Journey


Recently I’ve noticed a huge difference in my hair! – It’s healthier, shinier, stronger AND thicker – I just wanted to share a few things that I’ve been doing differently and I thought it might be a good idea because I know a LOT of mums struggle with hair loss etc a while after giving birth and having been through the process twice, I feel like I now know a thing or two and can confidently share some tips and tricks.. So keep reading! (Also, it’s a bit of a long one, so grab a cuppa first!)

My hair is dark and naturally quite fine (not anymore though!). It’s normal in terms of texture and is just a little bit wavy. I am also a hijab (headscarf) wearer and I find this plays a huge role in the actual health of my hair.

The Story

I really was not one to experience the whole pregnancy ‘glow’ and hair thickening stages – I was just a tubby hot mess most of the time. It’s fine, I’m over it now. The thing is though, for as long as the pregnancy/baby related hormones were hanging around inside, I continued to have fluctuations with literally everything! Hair, nails, skin – EVERYTHING. I had hair loss issues after both of my pregnancies (it started just after my little ones turned 4 months-ish) until after I stopped breastfeeding (cos hello, those pesky hormones reeeally like to hang about) which was just around 1 years old for both of them. The first time round, my hair just remained very crap. It fell out and continued falling out and I just felt like a molting chicken to be honest. The second time round however, I feel like a new woman! My hair did fall out a lot for a good 8-9 months and truth be told, I didn’t give a toss because I had enough to deal with with my two little people and everything else, hair care was really not even on my list. I only really started caring around January this year when I decided to give myself a bit more TLC.


The BIG Change

The biggest change I made was to do a 20 minute head (scalp) massage once a week. I know it sounds a bit daunting and time consuming but it’s incredibly beneficial for good hair health as it promotes blood circulation and healthy hair growth (also helps for de-stressing) it really was what made ALL the difference. I used Vatika Cactus Enriched Hair Oil for this which you can buy on Amazon (or any decent grocery store). It’s an Indian hair oil and does smell super strong and have a disturbing green colour (which doesn’t make a difference to anything at all) but it has literally saved my hair. I have hair growing in little balding patches where I lost a lot of hair and also my hair line (which was previously receding) is starting to fill up and even out. My hair has grown out a lot more evenly and I really just feel like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Because I do an intense oil massage and my hair isn’t generally dry, I don’t really include hair masks or anything. I simply just shampoo and condition and also use heat protector spray and a serum before using my hair dryer.

Products I Use

Vitamins – I know these aren’t actual hair care products, but a good all-rounder daily vitamin tablet is so important, especially for busy mums. It ensures that we are getting all the good stuff we need. I take the Vitabiotics Wellwoman capsules. One multivitamin a day is usually enough but if you need added supplements then make sure you’re taking them too.

Shampoo & Conditioner – I use the TRESemme Botanique Nourish & Replenish range I always shampoo when I first get into the shower, rinse and work the conditioner onto my ends and leave on until the end of my shower. I find this keeps my hair looking and feeling shiny and strong.

Heat Protection Spray & Hair Serum – I spray my wet hair with TRESemme Heat Defence Spray and run a little bit of Argan Oil Hair Treatment serum through the lengths and dry my hair afterwards. Doing all the heat protection whilst hair is wet really helps to lock the product in which in turn makes it work more effectively so there is less damage when styling.

Hair Oils – As I mentioned before, I use the Vatika Cactus Enriched Hair Oil and have been using this for a good few months now for massaging my scalp (I leave it in for an hour or two before washing) and have found that it has really helped with regrowth and strengthening. Some other oils that I would definitely recommend are Coconut oil and Argan oil. These oils are highly nourishing and have amazing properties which help to replenish hair and restore healthy locks. Massaging them into the scalp also helps to stimulate blood flow to encourage hair growth too.

Top Tips

  • Stay consistent with whatever routine you set yourself. The time invested will definitely show.
  • Massaging the scalp is a key part of promoting hair growth so find yourself a bit of time for this every week. (It can also be done during shampooing)
  • Eat your leafy greens! All the good green veggies and brightly coloured ones are the best for healthy hair, skin and nails. Also try to eat atleast one portion of oily fish per week.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated (water, fresh juice, fruit/veg smoothies and fruit and veg with high water content).
  • After blow drying your hair blast it with the cold setting. This helps prevent breakage afterwards and makes your locks look a whole lot shinier.
  • Don’t use hot water to wash your hair this damages the hair AND scalp, lukewarm water works fine.
  • Brush your hair everyday! I’m so guilty of not brushing my hair every day because a good mum bun just does the job – but this is so bad as we naturally lose a certain amount of hairs everyday and not brushing lets this build up in our nest and it’s just plain gross and unhealthy.
  • Steer clear of any leave-in products and dry shampoo! Especially if you’re trying to grow healthy hair.
  • Let your hair down! Undo the bun/ponytail and let it free. Walk around the garden or just sit by a fan? I don’t know but let your hair and head breathe! This is so important if you wear a hijab too. (I take mine off as soon as I’m in through the door!)
  • Switch up your parting. I went from a side parting to a middle parting and it changed my life. Try it please!
  • Don’t stress – we all know that stress = hair loss so just take it easy .. Hair today, gone tomorrow no? (S’cuze the cheese but had to be done!)

That’s all I have to share for now. I hope it’s been helpful! The above tips and stuff are suitable for anyone with any hair type as I haven’t pin pointed anything in particular so I’m hoping this posts helps the masses. Also, if there is anything you feel I have missed out or have any questions, feel free to drop me a line using the contact page, comment below or get in touch on Instagram – I love hearing from you all!

Take care,

Love Taslima x

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