NEW | L’Oréal Smooth Sugars Face & Lip Scrubs

Hello lovelies! I'm back again with another product review! This time it's all about the new L'Oreal 'Smooth Sugars' range of face and lip scrubs. Has anyone else tried these yet? I was rather excited when I heard about these because I was very impressed with their 'Pure Clay' mask range which was so highly… Continue reading NEW | L’Oréal Smooth Sugars Face & Lip Scrubs

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Skincare Sunday: Using A Toner

Hello Lovelies! I'm here with another 'Skincare Sunday' post all about using toners. Now, we have all heard something or someone tell us to 'cleanse, tone and moisturise' at least once (maybe even more) and how we need to complete all three steps in order to get our skin looking its best. Cleansing and moisturising… Continue reading Skincare Sunday: Using A Toner